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Alchemical Vision Ritual

An illuminating ritual that will help you carve depth and direction in how you unfold into 2024. You can expect gentle embodiment, deep imaginings and support in how to work your ritual on a metaphysical level. 

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On Wednesday 24th January I'll be sharing a Vision Ritual that has really supported me. This is part of the Awareness Facilitation body of work.

The Alchemical Vision Ritual is a potent process that  goes beyond intention setting.

You will be invited to consider yourself as a full spectrum human and from this place discover what it is you want to create within your inner and outer worlds.

You will be invited to explore how you want to grow in your core relationships , friendships, community and humanity as well as professionally, financially, spiritually and more.


I’m sure there will be a few areas of enquiry that will surprise you.

You can expect to work with your body through movement and gesture - so where comfy clothes.


You will also receive integration support of how to work with your vision on a metaphysical level.  
For me this ritual is always a truly illuminating journey that helps me turn the soils of my being, guiding towards the area of my life that need my attention and offering clear steps forward. 


My hope is for you to discover fresh insights, find direction and receive the support of an intentional community. 

A ritual preparation list will be sent in advance of our gathering.

About Fern

Fern inspires truth and tenderness within bodies and hearts having dedicated the past thirteen years of her life supporting people in embodied healing journeys.

At the core of her work she is guiding people in how to feel - their movement, hearts, words.

You will find within Fern a genuine care for people and a commitment to creating professional and loving spaces laced with beauty and magic.

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Tell me more

This retreat is held through Zoom.

Wednesday 28th , 7pm - 830pm.


You can book your entry into the event below.

The full ticket rate is £16.50.

You will receive a preparatory email on Sunday.

No upcoming events at the moment
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