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Awareness Facilitation is an integrative healing modality. You can expect profound and intuitive sessions that work with trauma healing methods,
somatic therapy, pysche drama, breath work, deep imaginings,  in depth self enquiry and  Ancient Wisdom. 


"It's therapy not only for the mind, but for the body and soul." -  Rosie


No words will capture the beauty and power of this work" - Julia

This work is for you if.

- You feel like you’ve got to a dead end in talk therapy and if you could have thought yourself out of it you would have done it long ago.

- You're feeling burnt out, anxious, overwhelmed,  lost, numb and you're ready to touch the root of your disregulated parts.

- You want to bring healing to your habitual  pathways of protection; fight, flight, freeze, collapse, and rebuild pathways of safety and connection.

- You want to unravel trauma responses, how they shape body and brain and retrieve the wisdom that is found there.

- You want to deepen your understanding of your early family dynamics and its imprint on yourself and relationships.

- You want to bring healing to your inner child through self parenting techniques.

- You want to know your shadow through exploring your triggers, projections and suppressed emotions.


- You want to identify negative beliefs, core wounds and release the emotions stored there.

- You want to formulate language where words are hard to find and build a trust in your own authentic expression.

-  You are curious to explore you sexuality as the sacred wound and restore the vital energy of your own sensuality and expression.

- You want to cultivate deeper emotional intelligence, confidence and wisdom, coming into a deeper intimacy with the four pathways of connection - yourself, your relationships, environment and spirit.

Fern was recommended as a body based facilitator to help with panic attacks. Working with her has truly supported me. She gives me tangible tools to regulate my nervous system and we dive deep into root issues but being so gentle and intuitive. Our sessions always go deep and I leave with loads of new insights into my inner world.



Fern is offering  two different 121 packages.

Book Private 1:1 Sessions

Container Agreement

All sessions are 90 minutes and held via Zoom. We will agree either weekly or biweekly sessions and you will receive integration practice after each session. You are welcome to communicate with Fern via WhatsApp in between sessions.

Financial agreement: These rates are Fern's full rate but there is an openness to concessionary rates for the ones who need. Please ask. Price is for a package of sessions, not individual sessions. You can either pay in full or in a 50% instalment with the second instalment due once we arrive half way.  Refunds are available within the first 48 hours of your first payment.

Cancellations: 48 hours notice is required if you need to cancel or move a session except in very special circumstance, otherwise you will forfeit your session. Your session are considered confirmed once you accept the diary invitation sent by Fern.

Disclaimers: It is important to know that Fern is not a licensed therapist but is an Awareness Facilitator that works in a nervous system and trauma informed way.  It is important for you to know that this work can journey into emotional processes that can feel intense.  Allocating the right moment to begin this journey is important and moving forward with personal choice and full consent is essential. If you are working with a chronic mental health condition this work might not be for you but please book a free chemistry call and Fern will listen and help you establish the best support for yourself.

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