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Fern would love to welcome you to her weekly class at Organic Flow Studio on Tuesday evenings, 7 - 830pm.

She will guide a thematic and intelligent approach to embodied yoga and movement that will support you to drop into the wisdom of your body. You can expect to explore movements that layer, build and inspire the curved, fluid nature of your human form. Over the ninety minute practice, there will be moments of softness and strength, guided meditation and deep rest.

Fern's guidance will support you to soothe the nervous system, release tension, sink into somatic awareness and bask in sacredness.

Through the beauty of practice, Fern hopes to inspire awe and wonder in the hearts of her students and hopes to see you soon.


15 euros per class

72 euros for a pack of 6 (12 euros)

You can book your tickets below.

What others say:


"Fern has such a special gift of being able to take you on a journey into a felt experience. She uses such beautiful language with imagery and visualisation so cleverly created from a thorough knowledge of the body. There are no shapes to make, nothing to achieve but there's always a sense of peace and clarity that reminds me who I am".  ~ Jo.

"A deep and soulful journey into the body's language. Through big, small and subtle movements, Fern guides with an almost ethereal voice that doesn't demand you to listen but guides you within". ~ Victoria

"Yummiest kind of guided and held movement ever!" ~ Alex

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