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Root through Heart

Sunday 28th  January | 10am - 6pm
"The heart has no limit. It fills the human body. If you want to know what a human heart looks like we only need to look towards each other"
~  Gil Hedley


Heart Nebula by Zapista Zapista.jpg

This day immersion is for those who wish to nourish and awaken their body through embodied yoga and somatic practices, release stuck energy, cultivate deep vision for the unfolding year and bask in the support of a grounded and intentional community. 

As we venture into the start of the year, this day immersion will invite you to explore your heart as more than a functional organ but as an emotional and spiritual expression of who you are. 


It hopes to inspire your heart to take its place as your body’s true leader, guiding with intuition, resilience and the most profound tenderness. 


Our day will explore the body through the lens  of ancient eastern wisdom, modern biology and movement philosophy as we move, breathe and unwind into the centre of our heart centre.


Over the course of the day we will move through three extended practices that will illuminate the vortex of your heart and how it spins blood (life!!!) through your body. 


We will also journey into more subtle layers, where you will be invited to discover your own unique imagery and sensitivity for how your heart communicates. 

It will be a potent and beautiful day. 

Our day will include three practices:

Unwinding Heart Centre  -  An embodied yoga & movement experience that softly unwinds into our physical and energetic heart, exploring our heart as a vortex that spins blood (life!) through the whole of body.

Heart’s True Vision. A group ritual of deep imagining that will help you carve deep vision and direction for the unfolding year that goes way beyond intention setting. 

Closing practice. We will leave this final practice to be determined by our group’s energy.

Where is this retreat?

We are delighted to be back at the glorious Floresta Encantada in Sintra. Nestled in the forest of Sintra, our day retreat has the luxury of being within the heart of nature whilst also being within close proximity to Lisbon. The train station is a short walk away or we are just a 40 min drive.

The studio space is professional, with a wooden floor, great sound system and all the cosy blankets and props we need.

We have use of the kitchen where our chef will cook for us if you choose (depending on group size) or you are welcome to bring your own food and use the fridge.

We are excited to be back!


About Fern

Working with Fern offers a profound approach to integrated healing that embraces embodied yoga and movement, somatic therapy and dance whilst weaving in the beauty of ancient Eastern wisdom. For her the most profound sense of spirituality is found through journeying into the mysterious vessels of our body to recover the magnificence that is found there. 


Her fifteen years of guiding bodies ensures intelligent and held spaces rich with depth and beauty.


What others say:


"Working with Fern is insightful and beautiful. Her whole being makes you feel so supported and understood that you feel like you are spending time with a therapist / great friend / wise woman all at the same time. I feel much more aware of myself, physically, mentally and spiritually and this is helping me be much more confident in a genuine way. Thank you." - Sarah

"Fern has such a special gift of being able to take you on a journey into the feeling space of the body. Using such beautiful language and sensory imagery and visualisation. There's always a sense of peace and clarity that reminds me of who I am - Jo

"No one can guide me into my body like Fern' - Alex



80 euros, early bird before Jan 24th

95 euros, after Jan 24th


Instalments and concessions are possible. Please ask. 

This includes six hours of practice and exclusive use of Floresta Entandada for the day.

Depending on numbers, there is an option to be served a plant based lunch for an additional 25 euros.

You are also welcome to bring your own lunch.

If you really want to come but this feels inaccessible to you, please be in touch.

You can book your ticket below. Please note this website receives GBP so we have converted the currency for you.



Please book below.

We hope to see you in September.

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