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Virtual Shala

Coming soon...

Welcome into a community of humans who are curious in how to live an embodied life rich with sacredness. In this Virtual Shala you have access to a vast amount of practices and enquiries that hope to satisfy your curiosity.

The Practice Library

The practice library is a space where you can drop into the felt experience of your body in embodied yoga and movement practice; a range of meditation and visualisation practices; breath work, sacred sound and rest. It's also a space where you can bask in the philosophy and science that underpins an embodied and sacred approach to life.


Your body is the most profound piece of technology you will ever know and this library offers you the opportunity to bask in its magnificence and mystery, again and again.

I ask for your patience as I expand the content. My vision is to build a foundation of fifty permanent practices and additional seasonal content that changes at equinox.

Coming soon...


Fern has such a special gift of being able to take you on a journey into an embodied, felt experience. Using such beautiful language with imagery, metaphor and visualisation so cleverly created from a thorough knowledge and understanding of your body’s design. There is always a sense of such peace and clarity that reminds me who I am.


Some questions you might explore:

  • What is embodiment and why is it important?

  • What is the difference between 'embodiment' and 'somatic'?

  • What is the difference between being aware of the body and inhabiting the body?

  • What is the felt sense and how do I work with it?

  • How can I expand how my experience of the world beyond the myth of my five senses?

  • Tell me more about my nervous system and how I can self regulate.

  • How can I resource myself in moments when I feel unstable?

  • What is trauma and how is it stored in my body?

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