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Embodied Healing for Authentic Living


Fern is an intuitive and empathetic guide and teacher who draws upon these parts of herself as an Embodiment and Awareness Facilitator.

Working with her offers an integrative approach to healing that embraces somatic yoga, movement and dance; nervous system intelligence,  trauma integration, psyche drama and breath work; whilst being rich with ancient Eastern wisdom.

Her fifteen years experience of working with people ensures professional and intelligent spaces rich with depth and beauty.




Embodied Intelligence

Supporting you in how to embrace the intelligence of your body as a felt experience within movement, stillness and life.


Therapeutic techniques

Supporting the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to bring more harmony into your life and its relationships.


Sacred practices

Supporting you in how to embrace your life as sacred practice through the beauty of ritual, ancient wisdom and sacred sound.


Want to
feel it out?



1:1 sessions

Private sessions of discovery and transformation.  A deep, heart led journey that embraces a multi-dimensional approach to healing and life.


Retreats & Events

Where we gather in the heart of community within the wild of nature for specialist healing journeys that will harmonise your body with seasonal rhythms.



Specialist trainings for those iinterested in working with people in a more embodied approach to yoga and movement.

Fern is a strong, vulnerable and empathetic guide who will hold your hand, laugh with you, cry with you and nurture all parts of you. For those wanting to get into their body and understand it on a completely new level, Fern’s work is for you.  It's a journey I will honour for the rest of my life. I can’t recommend Fern enough.

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